As the best one-stop alteration service provider, we pride ourselves in being able to offer solutions in any circumstances. When you have a pair of curtains that you love but they have fallen into disrepair, be it through sun exposure, fraying, rips or stains, there is no need to replace them with something less beautiful. We are here to help. With this revolutionary service you can have your old, tarnished curtains exactly duplicated! So there’s no need to settle for a substandard style, or pay through the nose for discontinued fabric, and you certainly don’t need to redecorate entirely!

When you get in touch with us we will ask you some basic questions regarding your requirements and as long as you can give us the measurements and fabric your curtains are made from, we will be able to offer you a no-obligation quote for the amount of fabric you will need to purchase and what alternatives we offer based on your preferences and budget.

The most economical way for us to craft your curtains is to work from a sample. This reduces production time and ensures accurate duplication. We can work from your old curtains to make a direct replacement at a reasonable price. We are adept in stitching all styles of headings.

  • Eyelets. This is the most contemporary style of curtain heading and many customers choose to have their new curtains made with eyelets as opposed to more traditional fittings.
  • Rod Pocket- Can be made to fit varying thickness of curtain rod upon request, minimalist design.
  • Table top- Tab headed, a simple and practical design, also popular in contemporary homes.
  • Pencil pleat- A traditional style, popular with vintage fabrics and character homes.
  • Pinch pleat- Elegant and stylish tailored header which suits all homes.
  • Goble heading- A fuller pleat, hand sewn and luxurious, creating a pinched drop.
  • Tempo Wave- A modern design which creates a bold statement.
  • Silent Gliss- A simple curtain, designed to fold as it runs along a track, a popular choice when modernising older styles.
  • Roman blinds- Having new blinds made can be rather frustrating. We can replace your old ones with minimal fuss.

For some, curtains are a much loved heirloom, they are the perfect accessory to a carefully designed room, and they can make the difference between a house and a home. They keep us snug at night, shelter us from the sun on those difficult mornings and allow us to express our nature. We’ve even had customers’ contacts us for urgent replacements when their house sitting job has gone wrong! We pride ourselves of our top quality duplications and reliable customer service, and we don’t think you’re likely to find such good value for money anywhere else!

All of our duplication services are interchangeable. We will strive to deliver a quality product which meets your exact specifications and are happy to discuss all of your requirements until you are confident in what you will receive. If not all is lost for your current curtain set, but they aren’t fulfilling your aesthetic requirements, we also offer a range of alteration and repair services. So get in touch today and find out just how much money we could save you!

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