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    Changing To Fit Your Windows

    There might be times you will need some slight adjustment for your curtains. At Alteration Studio, we are able to alter your existing piece of curtain to the size you required.  Please refer to the following pricing chart for more details:

    Curtain Alteration Price From
    Net Curtain Shortening $18.00/meter
    Machined Shortened $20.00/meter
    Machined Shortened with lining $40.00/meter
    Hand Sewn Shortened $50.00/meter
    Hand Sew Shortened with lining $80.00/meter
    Splitting Curtain From $150.00/pcs
    Joining Curtain From $150.00/pcs
    Blackout Curtain Length $25.00/meter
    Velcro Replacement $18/meter
    Curtain Header Tape Replacement $18.00/meter
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