Change To A Better Zipper

At Alteration Studio, we provide service to change your zipper. All type of zipper is available on demand basis. Our staff will be able to match your zipper length, type, colour to the closest possible for replacement. You make snap a photo and email to us for more accurate cost estimation. The following are the type of zipper we could replace for you:

  • Metal Zipper (Gold, Bronze, Silver)

  • Open End Zipper
  • Concealed/Invisible Zipper

  • Normal Zipper
  • Sofa Cover Zipper (Customised Length)
  • Moulded Plastic Zipper

  • Water-Proof Zipper (By Request Only)

  • Nylon Zipper

  • Pants/Jeans Zipper Replacement

  • Dress Concealed Zip Replacement

  • Swimming Suit Zipper Replacement
  • Cycling Jerseys Zipper Replacement
  • Leather Jacket Zipper Replacement

  • Winter Jacket Zipper Replacement
  • Dive Suit Zipper Replacement
  • Sweater/Pullover/Wind Breaker Zipper Replacement

  • Sofa/Cushion Covers Zipper Replacement

  • Mascot Zipper Replacement

The following is our indicative price chart for zipper replacement service, please whatsapp us a photo of your current zipper and let us know the length of it if you are unsure about your zipper type. Our staff will be able to advise you accordingly.

Clothing Type Min Cost
Normal Zipper From $22
Jeans (Metal Zip) From $25
Dress (Concealed/Invisible) From $28
Winter Jacket (Plastic Zip) From $55
Leather Jacket (Metal/Plastic Zip) From $85
Winter Jacket (Metal/Plastic Zip) From $85