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    Armhole/Shoulder can be adjusted to fit your body.


    Can be expanded or reduced to uplift your shape.


    Waist can be taken in to fit and create V shape for sharper look.


    Can be expanded or reduced to create better proportion outlook.


    Dress length can be shorten or lengthen to fit your heel height.


    Button/Zip could be replaced. Torn/Tear could be repaired.

    Shining With Confident

    A well-fitted dress could highlight your best figure as well as cover your stature defect. Nonetheless, its hard find a dress which suits you flawlessly as there always exist some common problems such as: armholes too small, shoulders too broad, waistline too tight, length too long… Don’t depress! Alteration Studio which based in Singapore is ready to provide you a wide range of dress alteration services with reasonable prices.

    Hover over the cursor to see what could be done on your dresses.