Our Approach


At Alteration Studio, we have dedicated team to provide for your wedding gown alteration needs. Our experience staff provide on the spot fitting, as well as consultation to solve your problems. We are able to bring special touch to all areas of your gown and give it the final fit on you. Speak to us today for your specific needs, we are happy to listen to you. Your gown will be fitting you perfectly on you wedding day!

The final touch is all you need to be spectacular

– Alteration Studio

The Services

Wedding Dress Length Alteration

Gown Body Alteration

Evening Gown Resizing

Dresses Repair

Bridal Dress Bust Dart Adjustment

Bra Pads Adjustment



Latest up to date fashion trend consultation, providing you the best solution options and extra cares for your gown

Fast Services


We understand you want to have the final fit right before your wedding day. Speak to us about your timeline, we are able to cater to different timeline for your needs.


Dress Expert

You may expect one-stop service at Alteration Studio, from pre-wedding alteration to post-wedding cleaning, speak to us for that extra miles we bring to you

Personalize Services

Each piece of dress has its own characteristic and we strive to bring out the excellent in you through our work. Talk to us about your specific needs and we shall provide you with the latest trend information to suit your objectives. You may arrange a one to one fitting session for in depth discussion on what can be done. Our professional team is ready to serve you.

The Perfect Fit

Imagine that perfect fitting dress on your wedding day, not only you need to look spectacular and also you need that extra comfort to boost your confidence. Only the perfect seamless flow and fitting of the bridal gown can add to the beauty of the glowing bride. Our wedding dress seamstress has to understand your requirements and personality to bring out the uniqueness of your gown. We recommend you to fit your dress a few times when the date is nearer, you want a stress free and focus on the most important people on you big day.

Extra Care

Your dresses will be handled with extra care, bring along your dress cover for extra protection. Each dress will be carefully tagged and your requirement will be recorded for error free alteration. Trust our expertise to give the best for your dresses. Whether it’s a classic traditional or a trendy new age design, we can offer you exactly what your heart desires.  The studio comprehends the urgency of a client who might need a last minute alteration or a wedding gown repair, just a day prior to their wedding.

We can help you in any project


A properly tailored gown can transform the bride into a spectacular vision.  Here at The Alteration Studio, we are known for providing our customers with the perfect solution s and consultations. Speak to us today to find out more.