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    Jeans Alteration

    When it comes to Jeans, it’s always exciting to own a new piece. The problems that come with it is that it may not fit you perfectly. Read the following to see what’s possible to change your jeans to look like it’s being tailored made for you:

    • Jeans Waist Alteration- Jeans waist can be alter according to your waist size. Alteration Studio is able to match the colour and design of your jeans’ original look after the job done
    • Jeans Length Alteration- Jeans length can be shorten and remain the original colour tone/design at your hem. Speak to our seamstress exactly what your needs are
    • Jeans Taper Leg Alteration- You may change your jeans to slim fit. Keep your old jeans up to date and bringing it with your travel trip again!
    • Jeans Patching/Repair – Any holes/rip can be repaired, we are able to restore your jeans back to it’s original look.