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    Jacket Alteration

    Most off the rack suits are either too tight or too roomy. An unfitted suit grabbed away your confidence and smart look yet replace you with juvenile look. Thus, our Alteration Studio is here to help you get back the reliance from company, enviousness from peers, and admiration from subordinate! Please do not hesitate to give yourself a chance to make your suit fit you perfectly.

    Hover over the cursor on your left to see what could be done for your jacket.

    • Jacket Shoulder – Shoulder should be the first thing to look out for when you are buying a ready made jacket. However, an ill-fitted shoulder can be altered to fit you perfectly.
    • Jacket Length – Jacket length is crucial to determine your proportion. Your jacket length should be covering the top of the curve formed by buttocks. However, if you have a shorter leg, you may alter your jacket to a shorter length, it will give you a taller look.
    • Jacket Sleeve Length – Should sit quarter inch before your wrist. A good shirt length should show your shirt sleeve slightly.
    • Body Width – The right size would be a fist gap when you button up. You should be able to button your jacket easily for comfort. Speak to our seamstress if you would like to tighten or loosen your jacket.

    Contact us for the final adjustment you need after purchasing your suit. On the spot fitting is available with our experience staff to help you with your objective.