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    Bust line Alteraion

    Bust line can be adjusted to suit the shape of your body

    Bra Pad

    The thickness and position of bra pad can be customised for better fit

    Dress Length

    Dress Length can be alter according to your heels height

    Dress Flare

    Dress flare is good to be fitting to better show case your body propotion

    Dress Waist Line

    Trimming off extra fabric from waistline to present a fitter & sharper outlook

    Bringing Out The Excellence

    People rarely wear a same evening gown over again especially in a short duration. It’s easy to keep the evening gown as new after a year or even years, but hard to maintain our body shape as the time we bought it. Feeling wasted to keep it in wardrobe? You can send it to our studio to alter it into a new fashion evening gown.

    You may hover over the cursors on your left to study what is possible for your dresses.

    Which Part Of Your Evening Dress You Could Alter?

    • Evening Gown Bra Pad Alteration – Either it’s repositioning the bra pad or adding bra pad, we are able to give you the best idea on what do you want to achieve. While evening dress comes in different type of design, we need to assess your dress case by case basis. Make an appointment with us and we provide 1 to 1 service to understand your needs.
    • Evening Dress Bust Line Alteration – Creating or removing bust line on your evening gown may make a huge different on the visual effect for your body proportion. You may send us a photo of your dress for pre-assessment. However a face to face discussion will be the best choice to get best consultation for alteration service.
    • Dress Waist Line Alteration – Want to look slimmer? Or you want to loosen your waist line? At Alteration Studio, within a week you can fit perfectly in your evening dress again! Call us today to get more information on how does it work.
    • Evening Dress Flare Alteration – Need to trim down your A line evening dress? The flare of your dress is crucial to have the best proportion with your height. We could make it slimmer and lighter with exact measurements from fitting with us. Express evening alteration services are also available at special request.
    • Evening Dress Neck Line Alteration – Neck line is very important not only for comfort but also for the balance look for your upper body visual effect. Neck line which is too high will give an uptight impression. Visit our studio for fitting and discuss on how to improve your evening dress cutting.

    Some Of The Evening Dress Alteration Projects We Have Done

    Evening Gown Redesign

    The following dress needed to be changed from corset back dress to zip style. Our seamstress removed the existing design and reconstructed a new attachment for zip sewing. You may toggle the toolbar below to view the before after photo.