Professional Dress Alteration


We understand your frustration when you purchase off the shelf dresses. At Alteration Studio, we are able to customise your existing dress to better fit. We provide on the spot consultation and fitting, with best recommendations from our seamstress, you can expect the best result like never before. Make your dress fit like it’s being tailored made!

New Trends Availables


You could make your old dresses new and modern again! With us, you could save your dollars refreshing your wardrobe. Make all of your dress relevant again, make them fit again!

Alter For Comfort


The most important thing about fashion is wearing your attire with comfort. You want to feel natural, at ease with your costume so that you could focus on more important things in your daily life! Speak to us and you could have your dresses transformed in a week!

From fitting to sewing, we provide one-stop stations for your dressmaking needs. Speak to our experience seamstress about your concern. We would normally recommend a few alternatives and suggest the best option for you. Make your dress look better today!

With quality check, our altered dress guarantee your satisfaction. You may expect some adjustment to get it right sometimes, but more importantly is the commitment and patient that we put on your precious dress. Eventually what matter is that you are satisfied.

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