Project Description

Leather Jacket Alteration

At Alteration Studio, we are well known for quality leather jacket alteration at a reasonable price. We believe in comfort in wearing a jacket is the number one priority for our customers. When you feel comfortable, that when the confidence will shine through. 

Although we would like to get the work done as soon as possible, please leave at least 1-3 weeks for us to alter your leatherwear. Give us a call to find out the latest waiting time, do not leave it to last minutes to send in your clothes. We believe good results take time, we do not want to rush into the job.

DON’T Try To Do It Yourself
It takes years for our professionals to perfect the leather alteration skill with special machines. So do not try to do it yourself, because leather is something that’s very unforgiving, even a small needle hole will be permanently visible if it’s not supposed to be there. 

Send To Experience Tailor
Not all tailor can work with leather material. Ask for some pictures of their past orders, or read through some reviews before trusting one. Let them know what is the end result you are expecting. At the end of the day, you do not want your precious leatherwear to be on a overpromised hand. 

If you are wondering what could you do with your oversized leatherwear, find out our services below:

  • Leather Jacket Sleeve Length Alteration (Original Wrist Zipper In Tact – If Any)

  • Leather Jacket Shoulder Width Adjustment

  • Leather Jacket Length Alteration

  • Leather Jacket Body Width Resize

  • Leatherwear Zipper Replacement

  • Leather Pants & Skirts Length Alteration

  • Leather Pants & Skirts Waistline Alteration

  • Leather Pants Tapering

  • Leather Skirts Flare Alteration

  • Leatherwear Tear Repair