Project Description

Shirt Alteration


It’s common that when you buy ready made shirt, some part of it is not fitting you. Whether it’s shoulder width, body width, sleeve length  or width, our seamstress could help you to make it fit again.

From normal fit to slim fit? Give your shirt a second chance to fit you again! Our shirt alteration services take 1 week to transform you shirt to best fit your body. Speak to us if you have any question. We love to hear from you.

Composition & Details


Sleeve Length

The most common area people will need to alter. We retain the original design of your shirt and fit your sleeve length.

Shirt Button

Shirt buttons can be replaced to suit your taste. If you have broken button, considering changing all buttons for consistency and fresh new feel for your shirt.

Body Fit

Make it fit to you, not the other way. From normal to slim fit, we uplift the look and feel of your shirt instantly.


The correct shirt length is able to bring out the right proportion look.  We could retain the original curve at the bottom of your shirt or change it to flat cut. Any design at both sides of your shirt can be retained as well. Look smart and bring today!

The Solutions for the Project



Customer Service

Apparel Design

We provide one-stop solution for affordable shirts alteration services. Visit our studio today for personal fitting session. Whether is that first interview or  everyday meeting, we understand your needs to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear.

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Call us Now to understand what’s possible for your shirts. Let your shirts keep up to the pace of the world. We bring out the best in each and every shirt you own.