The Alteration Studio offers professional alteration services in Singapore. We serve your needs in clothes alteration in Singapore. As we know, a perfect fit suit can configured ourselves towards a more confidence and refreshing figure. Our studio serves master alteration tailors who recognised within Singapore to compliance your needs in clothing alteration. Having a properly altered suit urge in demonstrating a reliance and constructive impression to others. Your trustiness towards our clothes alteration service will fulfil your desirable outlook in return. Furthermore, our service is ratify under Alteration Jobs Singapore. There is no doubt that you are choosing our studio as your prior choice when it comes to clothes alteration. Welcome to our service embrace!

Alice Ding


Alice has 20 years experience in apparel alterations. Her strength and expertise are in denim work. She could restore any torn and tear back to its original.

May Tan


May has 18 years experience working with dresses, evening gowns, and wedding gowns. Speak to her personally for the best advise to achieve your objective!



Madam Tan is in the industry for 30 years. She is great with men garments. Bring your suit, trousers, or even tie for alteration!