Looking for sewing service for your badges on the uniform? You have found the right place! We provide professional badges sewing services at convenient location City Hall or Esplanade MRT.

Whether it’s fabric or leather material, our professional team will be able to help! Simply give us a call and our staff will be able to assist you from there. At The Alteration Studio, we ensure badges are sewn with the correct angles and symmetrical to the proportion of the clothes/uniform. 

Our services include:

  • School Uniform Embroidery Name Tag Sewing

  • Army Uniform Embroidery Name Tag Sewing

  • Uniform Badges Sewing

  • Motorcycle Jacket Badges Sewing 

  • Clothing Label Sewing 

  • Club/Association Badges Sewing

  • Lab Coat Embroidery Name Tags Sewing

  • Iron On Name Tags Patching

Whatsapp or call us today to find out more!