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    Best Blazer Alteration Tailor in Singapore

    Do you want to create good impression on your employees? A well fitted blazer can help you to achieve this goal by giving you a stunning look. It will also improve your image among your clients as well as your friends. You can buy any stylish blazer of your own choice but it is of no use if it is not properly fitted. An unfitting blazer will also lead to wastage of money. Thus it is essential that you should get altered your blazer by a highly qualified tailor.

    A dressmaker can make your blazer fit by the following ways:

    • Adjusting blazer collar:
      Our professionals can overcome the gap between shirt collar and blazer collar thus making you feel comfortable. If you feel torso is very tight and blazer can be altered then the size of torso can also be increased by the seamstress.
    • Altering blazer shoulder:
      It is very important that your shoulder fits you correctly as it greatly affects your physical appearance. Our experienced seamstress can help you in getting a flat and an unwrinkled shoulder.
    • Altering blazer sleeve:
      The outfitter can also aid you in altering sleeve length so that the blazer looks well suited. If the sleeves cover your wrist bone then it means that it is fitting you correctly. Loose blazer sleeve can be altered as well, our seamstress could tighten the width of your sleeve to make your blazer look fit.
    • Altering body width:
      The right body width of blazer is also vital as it increases your comfort level. It would be possible if there is a fist gap when you button up. The blazer body width can be altered in a proper manner by the skilled tailor. We could change your aged blazer to slim fit, creating the V shape for sharper look.
    • Altering blazer length:
      A dress maker can also help you in getting required length of the blazer. You can also check whether blazer length is suitable or not. A correct length could improve the proportion of your look and can even make you looked taller!

    If you want your blazer to be well fitted then Alteration Studio can help you a lot by providing one stop alteration services in Singapore. We are expert in jacket alteration, suit alteration and alteration of other clo