If you are wondering whether you could alter your rash guard, you have come to the right place. At Alteration Studio, we are able to resize any type of clothing, and the best part is, it looks as original as it could as we pay attention to all the details to the garment.

Rash guard required a special sewing machine to be altered to maintain it’s stretchable functionality. Our professional team is trained to perform this specific job.

Find out which part of the rash guard you could alter:

  • Rash Guard Shoulder Width Alteration – If you rash guard shoulder doesn’t fit you perfectly, we may suggest ways to rectify it. We require you to visit our outlet for fitting so that we could take measurements for you.
  • Rash guard Length Alteration – You may look odd if you have a vest that is too long. We will give you the best advise on the perfect length that suits you. Within a week your Vest looks wonderfully fit on you!
  • Rash guard Body Width Alteration – Loosed Weight or Gain Weight? Adjust the body width size with us, your rash guard may be too big/small to fit you, our skilled staff will be able to resize to your personal requirement.
  • Rash guard Repair Service – Had a ripped or torn on your rash guard? Come to us for a quick repair service. With our convenient location near MRT, it’s easy to fix your rash guard within a few days!
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