Your wedding is in a few days. Everything is ready, but the dress. It was handed down to you by your mother. She wore it for her own wedding, but you are two dress sizes smaller. Perhaps there is also a little tear near the seam. Or maybe you want to embroider it with beautiful stones. It may difficult to fix this problem on time for your wedding. You need a reliable dress repair service in Singapore.

This is where we come in. If you are lucky to live in or around Singapore, then ‘The Alteration Studio’ is your best and safest bet. We have proven to be good at giving our prospective brides beautiful looks on their big day. When it comes to altering, fixing and repairing wedding gowns, we give customers utmost satisfaction.

Our services come in different excellent packages. You can rely on us when:

  • Dresses have problems that would make them impossible to wear without fixing. These include tears, rips, stains, accessories falling off and stones getting loose. Without meticulous care, these problems would not be fixed properly. Thankfully, we can take care of them all.
  • It does not matter the extent of damage to your wedding dress. If anyone can fix it, we are your best bet.
  • The Alteration Studio prides itself with employing very well trained and experienced tailors and dress experts, who would see to it that your dress gets the VIP treatment it deserves.
  • Every customer is treated the same; like the special clients, they are. Our employees understand that people can be skeptical when it concerns their wedding day, and they are trained to handle such scenarios. They would calm you and patiently explain things you find confusing.
  • Wait for it! We do not only amend and alter wedding dresses. We also fit for new wedding gowns. Yes, you can get married in our custom-made wedding gowns.
  • We are located in downtown Singapore, the hub of the city, which is easily accessible even to newcomers.

Why should you patronise us?

The answer is simple. We are uniquely set apart from our competitors. We have state-of-art equipment that makes our work faster and more efficient. Our team always put in their best, no matter the kind of alteration required. What is more; our prices are quite affordable and unbeatable. Anyone can get best altering service from us, with just a decent amount of money.

Also, we are always on hand and work round the clock. This means that even if a rip is noticed on your wedding dress, just a day before your wedding; with us, rest assured that you would walk down the aisle in a wedding dress without any faults.

Not only do we satisfy our customers’ request, we know that time is money. That is why we ensure that their good-as-new dresses are always ready at the scheduled time for pick up. So, you do not have any reason not to come to us for your wedding dress alteration and fitting needs. We would be glad to hear from you.

What Can We Repair For Your Wedding Dress?

  • Ripped Wedding Gown Repair
  • Wedding Dress Zipper Replacement
  • Wedding Gown Accessories Stitching
  • Wedding Dress Redesign