To look her absolute best on her wedding day, most brides usually will have their wedding gowns altered to look perfect on the D-day. Therefore, here’s a list of ten things you must know before you alter that wedding dress.

  • 1. Endeavor to pick wedding dresses that are very close to your size.
    Although there is always the option of resizing a gown, it may not be possible to alter the wedding dress by more than two sizes depending on the extent of the seam allowance. So try on gowns that are very close to your actual size.
  • 2. Taking in is easier than letting out.
    Buy a gown that fits the largest part of your body, and where needed, take it in. If you are on a weight loss program, don’t delay too long in securing your gown.
  • 3. Ensure that your bridal consultant takes the accurate measurements.
    Your measurements should be taken twice by different persons to confirm their accurateness. Order the wedding dress nine to twelve months before your wedding, so that you have extra time to fix any issues in case the bridal salon inadvertently sends you the wrong size. When the gown arrives, take your measurements again to know if your body size has changed.
  • 4. Book a reliable seamstress and not the cheapest one.
    Alterations may be expensive, but what you pay for is what you get. So if you book a cheap seamstress, don’t get mad if you get a shoddy job done on your wedding gown.
  • 5. The more elaborate the dress, the more money it costs to alter.
    If you order a fully beaded gown that has gems covering the side seams, expect to pay for the effort and time your seamstress uses in the removal and reinstallation of those beads. Similarly, gowns that come with full lace appliqué-hems with no hidden hemline would cost extra for appliqué removal, gown trimming, and replacement of the appliqué.
  • 6. If required, book an appointment
    Ensure that you schedule an appointment way ahead of the wedding day because many alterations service providers require a minimum of six – eight weeks to alter your wedding dress. However, at The Alteration Studio Singapore, we are able to complete your request within 7-10 working days. For express request, we are able to deliver in 48 hours. Please check with our staff for case by case assessment.
  • 7. Don’t wear makeup to your appointment.
    Cleaning a wedding dress is demanding. So don’t go for your appointment a heavily made-up face or after your weekly gym session.
  • 8. Bring your wedding shoe and shape wear along.
    It’s important to bring your wedding shoe along for fitting, we would like to make it right for you perfectly with your shoe on. It’s very hard for seamstress to estimate your shoe height and estimate your wedding dress length.

  • 9. Getting a Boob Job or a Tummy Tuck or Pregnant?
    Inform your bridal consultant about any imminent body changes so that suitable arrangements and adjustments can be made.
  • 10. Always trust the judgment of the alteration specialist even if you have a different opinion altogether.
    And lastly, do a final fitting at least one weeks to your wedding day.

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