Well tailored clothing can make a world of difference when it comes to dressing. Have you ever seen a man in a suit that just didn’t fit right? The pants may have been too long or too baggy, and the jacket’s sleeves are either too long or too short. What about the man who can’t hug anyone because the shirt doesn’t fit right around the shoulders or chest. All of these issues can be fixed with the right tailor.

The Alteration Studio could be the right place for you. We offer specialized one stop alteration services that can help you look and feel your best. But if you don’t believe us, take a look at some important tips for men as to how to look sharp. Trust us when we say a well tailored suit or outfit can make the difference in getting the job, or not.

  • The right length for shirts & Trousers
    So you get a shirt that fits in your chest but not in your sleeves. You can just leave it. But how do you know what is right. Sleeves ideally, when unbuttoned, should reach the knuckle on your thumb, that first one from your wrist. Once buttoned it allows room for you to actually move your arm without it being too short. As far as the length itself it should be enough to be tucked in and also prevent “plumbers crack” when kneeling or sitting. As far as trousers, if you are short, the hem in the front should barely touch the top of your shoes, this gives you the appearance of more height. If you are taller, the break as it’s called should only be half, which means there is a crease in your pants at the ankle but only on the front half. This is the easiest one to grasp and looks good on all men.
  • Fit your shoulder
    Did you ever have a blazer that didn’t allow you to reach your arms forward because it was too tight, but the next size up was too baggy. This is where a tailor comes in. They can tailor the shirt so that there are no wrinkles and such in the shirt and the arm starts where your arm starts and shoulders end. That ensures the smoothes fit and the ability to hug someone, or shake their hand.
  • Check your sleeve width
    The sleeve when worn should provide a smooth line from the shoulder to the cuff. The cuff should lay flat with no material hanging over it. Having sleeve widths that are too baggy just make you look unkempt and lazy. It’s not worth it, and the right fitting shirt will make the world of difference in appearance and how you feel.
  • Adjust your polo T length and fit, it makes huge different
    Too long and the polo isn’t flattering, too short and you can’t reach for anything without showing off your stomach. Ideally a polo should hit mid crotch. This ensures that balance between long and short. If you have a short torso though, a little longer (not drastically) might help make you a bit taller. But again, too long and we’re not flattering anyone.
  • Slim fitting is in trend right now, get your old shirts and pants alter to sharp fitting
    Baggy clothing isn’t attractive. It doesn’t make you look good if your clothes don’t fit you. If they are baggy they can make you look like you have gained weight or just are unkempt. Keep the shirts neat, the pants should fit slimly. Not like leggings obviously but they should be slimmer than regular suit pants. And they also make a mans backside look good (even though youmay not check it out there are women that do). Shirts, even old ones can be altered as well and taken in so that they aren’t baggy and they essentially accentuate the features that make a man, well handsome.
  • Make sure you have perfect waist size for trousers
    They shouldn’t give you muffin top (a classic term for when a woman’s pants are so tight the area above it looks like, well a muffin) and they shouldn’t be falling off. They should fit snuggly and comfortably. And always try them on. Your jeans many be one size but this brand that you are buying is something different.
  • Have at least One Well Fitting Suit
    Having a go to, well fitting suit is a staple in any mans closet. Having somewhere to go such as a wedding or dinner, meeting or interview on a whim might not leave time to get a new suit and have it altered. So having one in the closet for important occasions is essential. Get a classic, well fitted/tailored suit and have multiple shirts and ties. That’s the easiest way to change it up a bit.
  • Take care of your clothing
    Dry cleaning, hand washing, and gentle cycle are all going to be important parts of your life. Plus line drying. Cold water as well. Hot water can lead to shrinkage and fading and no one ones that. Dryers as well, the heat from them, can lead to wear in clothing. Keep them hung or folded nicely in order to keep them neat. Obviously dry cleaning is the best way to keep them fresh, however you could substitute with gentle cycle every once in a while.
  • Get it repaired immediately
    A small hole in a shirt is like a ding in a windshield, the longer you let it sit there, the worse it will get. So instead, make sure to get it fixed right away. The garment can be saved and doesn’t have to be trashed depending on where the hole is. But having it looked at and worked on can save you time and money on a new shirt.
  • Get professional help, Alteration studio will be able to fit for you and give recommendations to improve your existing clothes.
    We weren’t all born with the knowledge of what fits you right, or the perfcet model body, you need help. A professional tailor, such as the ones at Alteration studio, can help you look your best in whatever clothes you already have, and if you are looking for new ones, we can fit those for you as well.