Why use alteration services?

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always look amazing, even in candid or paparazzi photos? Have you also noticed that celebrities don’t always have a perfectly fit body, and might even be in worse shape than you ever would have guessed? How do they do it?

The secret is that everything celebrities and movie stars wear– from their t-shirts to their underwear– everything they wear has been tailored to fit them perfectly no matter what their body looks like!

Clothes “off the rack” look like they were bought off the rack, even if they are “almost perfect”. There is a huge difference between “almost perfect” and “actually perfect”. That difference is in a few centimeters, and we know exactly how to take care of those centimeters to make you look your very best!

Rely on Our Experience

Our studio of professional seamstresses have over 60 years combined experience in apparel and alterations. We understand not only the ins and outs of today’s fashion, but have deep understanding of the engineering of garment construction, wide experience with different textiles, and a careful eye for perfect proportion. We are happy to handle the smallest necktie or t-shirt to the most elaborate wedding gowns and tuxedos.

Services for Women

Whether you need a crisp and clean work suit or a wedding gown that fits like the petals around a rosebud, turn to us at The Alteration Studio even for express tailoring and alterations. The right adjustment can make you appear taller, slimmer, smoother and healthier, just by properly fitting your garments.

Have a damaged or ripped garment that you don’t want to part with? Bring it to us and see it come back to life just like magic!

  • Blazer Alteration
  • Blouse Alteration
  • Evening Gown Alteration
  • Cheong Sam Alteration
  • Baju Kurung Alteration
  • Saree Alteration
  • Sportswear & Jumpsuit Alteration
  • Last Minute Wedding Dress Alteration
  • Dress Repair and Length Adjustment

Services for Men

They always say “The clothes make the man”, and you will find you’ve never looked and felt so good as when you put on a perfectly custom-fitting suit. The right suit and jacket draw attention to your face and shoulders, slim your body, and make you look trim and smooth. Just a few alterations can set you right in style!

Did you know that the wrong length of necktie can make you look short and ill-proportioned? The wrong width of tie can be totally out of fashion or make you look too wide. Bring us your favorite neckties and we’ll breathe new life into them, even if ripped, damaged or in need of new lining.

  • Shirt Alteration
  • Trousers Alteration
  • Suit Alteration
  • T-Shirt Alteration
  • Jeans Repair & Alteration
  • Winter Coat Alteration
  • Tie Reshaping & Repair
  • Tuxedo Alteration

Repair it, Reshape it!

It’s a shame to throw away a perfectly good garment just because it’s got a broken zipper or lost a button. We’re happy to repair for you!

  • Zipper Replacement — matching size, type and colour
  • Button Replacement– replace just one or change all buttons for a new look
  • Jeans Repair– even those difficult 3-corner tears can be fixed!
  • Hole & Tear Repair of all kinds– we are experts at repairing with minimal visible scars.
  • Curtain Alteration– Not just garments, we also work with lining and shortening curtains to make your home just right.

Express Services

Need it right away? Our normal alterations have a turnaround time of 4-5 days, but if you need it faster, we have Express Alteration (24 hours) and Super Express Alteration (1-2 hours). Don’t delay, don’t panic, we’ll have you on your way again!

The Alteration Studio is your one-stop shop for any alteration services, at any time, for any item. Let our team of professionals care for your special garments and rest assured that you will step out looking and feeling your best with beautiful custom fit clothes.