Did you know the way you dress is how you are addressed? The first impression you get from people is a reaction to your dressing. When you go around with unfit dress, it affects your self-confidence and robs on your personality.

We all have different body shape and personality. Whether you are slim or curvy, there is a high possibility of your newly bought cloth may not fit the way you wanted it. The solution is to get a clothing alteration service Singapore to make your cloth fitting and restore your confidence.

Why do you feel terrible in your clothing

Wardrobe malfunctions can cause you to feel pain. Your jacket shoulder sags or bites, the button stance at the front is too high or pops. The unfitted cloth makes it look like it’s borrowed and makes you uncomfortable. Instead of beating yourself up, why not find a clothing alteration expert to give you the fit you have always wanted.

It is not your fault your dress didn’t fit, but it will be your fault not to find clothes tailor for same day alteration soon as you discovered the cloth didn’t fit. Yes, it could be quite a task finding the best clothing alteration service in your neighbourhood, but if you are in Singapore, you are in luck!

The Alteration Studio Singapore

Whether your clothing is too tight or loose and is uncomfortable wearing, at The Alteration Studio, our job is to make all the clothes fit! We offer a full range of clothing alterations for both men and women, and we are skilled in all types of clothing designs.


Are you having wardrobe malfunctions?

Unfitting clothing problems come in different forms and styles, and it doesn’t matter if the cloth is expensive or cheap. 

Is it any of these problems?

  • Pesky pant hems issue

  • Pleats that don’t fit in place

  • Bad jeans hems issue

  • Out of style neckline problem

  • Depleted embellishment

  • Gapping waistbands

  • Silly sleeves needing streamlined fit

  • Broken zippers or missing linings or

  • Oversized outfits

Our Clothing Alteration Services

We are professional clothes tailor with over eight years of satisfactory clothing alteration services for more than 10,000 happy customers in Singapore. We can help you get back your style and live a happy, confident life with fitting attires!

We offer clothing alteration services in the following areas:

  • Jacket Alteration

  • Jeans Alteration

  • Wedding Gown Alteration

  • Evening Dress Alteration

  • Shirts & Trousers Alteration Services

  • Overcoat Alteration

  • Curtain Alteration

  • Zipper Replacement Services

  • Leather Jacket Alteration Services

Why Alteration Studio

From our experience, most wardrobe malfunctions are emergencies; this is why we offer same day alteration to get you going without worries. We are clothes tailors with unmatched friendly customer service. For express service, you get