What is Wedding Gown Bustle?

Wedding dress bustle is a sewing method that allows you to transform your wedding gown from long train into manageable way. Normally you need you bustle your dress after the main ceremony, bride will be able to walk and dance just like wearing normal dress after bustle.

For bride that who loves long train dress, this technique is killing two birds in one stone! You do not need to compromise the dress that you love or scarify dancing on your special day.

The way that a gown is being bustled varies from gown to gown depending on it’s design. Our seamstress will need to fit your gown with you, and access the gown to be able to finalise how to bustle your dress. Normally you are able to transform your gown in seconds using bustle. Seamstress will create a ribbon/fabric hook which is sew on back of the dress allowing you to secure it on some point of the dress to hide the long train.

The following is one of the sample bustle that we have done:

How To Bustle Your Gown?

At Alteration Studio, we provide 1 to 1 fitting service for brides who wants to enhance or refit their wedding dress. You may send a photo of your gown to us to start off the conversation. Next step is to make an appointment with us so that we could have a face to face discussion with you. Within a week or two, you could come and fit again!

Where to bustle your gown in Singapore?

The Alteration Studio is centrally located in Singapore. We are located near City Hall or Esplanade MRT. If you are coming by car, nearest parking will be Marina Square Shopping Center. Please call us to make an appointment before you arrive.

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